Digital printing refers to modern printing methods that use digital files instead of printing plates.

To cater to the immediate and short-run print requirements we have intergraded digital printing, with all the quality and color management softwareʼs to generate the highest quality at reasonable prices.


No job is too small, too large, too simple or too complex.


Personalized and variable data printing, also known as one-to-one marketing, is the biggest advantage with digital printing.

Personalization is the new trend in the market, you can now custom print every design and present it to any individual according to their taste and requirement.
With our varied paper range, innovative product knowledge, new techniques and creativity, we manufacture products that suit your requirement. We continue to expand our capabilities in the realm of High-Speed Digital Color Printing and Print On Demand.


  1. Personalisation & Variable data– Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows for the customization of individual graphics or text on a print by print basis. Every impression on the paper can be different, making digital ideal for personalized direct mail campaigns.
  2. Speed– digital is the perfect option if you need something turned around very fast. Unlike lithographic printing, there is no need to prepare plates so only minimal set-up time is required.
  3. Quality– digital technology has improved significantly over recent years and at times surpasses traditional offset (lithographic) printing.
  4. Versatility– digital print is very versatile. HP Indigo printers have the largest media range, enabling printing on over 3,000 certified substrates, including synthetics, textured, darks and metallics.
  5. Value– as digital printing is so quick to set up there are minimal setup costs. It, therefore, offers exceptional value, especially for shorter print runs.