We focus on providing our clientʼs the right to quality, services and timely delivery with cost-effective prices. Printwell endeavour to surpass our clients’ demands in a timely, transparent, professional and personal manner.

We are fully committed to satisfying our customers in all their expectations and changing needs by providing consistent products wherever and however they instruct us. We have developed and implemented a quality management system. We are committed to thinking, practising and living quality as our corporate way of life at every level.

The following core objectives are the drivers in our mission of realizing and fulfilling our quality policy:

  • To consistently produce and supply good quality products and services in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.
  • To be responsive to the market dynamics and strive to develop solutions.
  • To promptly react to customer complaints and offer remedial solutions to prevent recurrence.
  • To continuously train our staff in order to equip them with the necessary skills to perform their duties.
  • To continuously improve our process capabilities by investing in current technology.
  • To continuously reduce our internal waste levels to below 5% so as to achieve 0.0% customer rejection.
  • To ensure and guarantee health and safety in our plant.
  • To be the most competitive, innovative, reliable, responsive and the preferred supplier in the printing and packaging industry.
  • To be the most environmentally friendly organization.
  • To regularly audit and review our quality management system with a View to improving our performance and processes in line with international standards.

To achieve these objectives, we inculcate our staff to internalize our quality policy by ensuring that the quality of their input is consistent with the company’s quality manual.